homs hospital (Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago)

October 27, 2008

Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago

HOMS construction began in the year 2000. The initial promoters of HOMS were: Dr.Rafael Sánchez Español, a very well recognized medical doctor in Santiago; Dr. José Hazim Frappier, former Senator of San Pedro de Macorís who is currently Chancellor of Universidad Central del Este (UCE) in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic; Sonia Lizardo – Dillon, Ph.D, a graduate from University of Pittsburgh, Eduardo Estrella , Civil Engineer who created the hospital’s Structural design and Ernesto Moquete ,Electric Engineer who created the electrical wiring and panels for the hospital. Julio Rivera created the Architectural design. Both, Estrella and Rivera are part of the firm ECOPE which was in charge of the HOMS construction at that time. The construction of HOMS was paralyzed for three years due to the country suffering economic difficulties during the PRD government headed by Hipólito Mejía. The new PLD government, headed by Leonel Fernández, injected fresh money into this project in 2005. The Dominican government along with several very well known entrepreneurs from the city of Santiago are the major shareholders of this project. These entrepreneurs are: Félix García, Manuel Estrella, Fernando Capellán, Carlos Sully Founder, Angel Rosario Viñas, and José Clase, among others. Individually, they are owners of Dominican newspapers, TV stations, Industrial Free Zones and several other businesses.

HOMS South Tower

HOMS South Tower

Dr. Sonia Lizardo-Dillon did the feasibility study for HOMS in 1999 and she is actually a Vice Rector and a Professor at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (http://www.lecom.edu/). LECOM is the nation’s largest medical school in the United States with more than 1400 students and has three campuses, one located in Erie, PA and the other one in Bradenton, Florida. In 2008 LECOM opened a new branch campus in Greensburg PA. Please see the feasibility study book at  http://www.gafid.com/homsfeasibilitystudy.htm